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I never, ever post stuff like this, but it could help save a puppy and who doesn’t love puppies?



So a girl I went to high school with found this 4 month old puppy with a fractured leg. She’s really hoping to raise the $1,200 for the surgery, but if not, it’ll be $600 to amputate the leg. If at least $600 isn’t raised, they will unfortunately have to put him down.

She has until tomorrow morning, March 21, to raise the money and so far there’s only about $400.

Even if you can’t afford to donate, please signal boost this!

Click here to donate!

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The info at the link above? It isn’t true. 

Sorry we’re hitting FYC with a lot of SOPA stuff today, but we wanted to address the specific legal issues in OP’s post. Comments are inline:


TheSOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) bill has resurfaced and is once again trying to be passed.

No, it hasn’t resurfaced. There are lobbyists who would love for it to be reintroduced before Congress and taken through hearings and committees onto the floor and marked up and passed by both houses ad signed by the president (also see: Schoolhouse Rock’s I’m Just a Bill). But that’s not happening at the moment. 

When it happens, we’ll tell you - but even before we do, the EFF.org will! If you ever hear anything about SOPA and we haven’t posted about it, check out their http:.., and use their Search feature. if you don’t find something about SOPA on the front page, likely nothing is happening right now, but you can always use their Search box to double-check. 

The link attached will take you to a petition. Unless this petition reaches 100,000signatures by next week, this will happen:

No. Nothing bad will happen if the petition doesn’t reach that many signatures, because SOPA is not currently before Congress, and the Executive Branch doesn’t have the right to make SOPA into law by fiat. 

  • All websites containing media that refers to or is owned by a company that hasn’t given its permission for the media to be displayed can and will be shut down. This means sites such as Tumblr, Wattpad, Pinterist, fanfiction.com.

No. Does anyone seriously think that if this were the case, billion dollar companies like tumblr and Pinterest - and, btw, GOOGLE AND YOUTUBE, would not be doing everything in their power to prevent passage of a law that would destroy (some of) their revenue streams and cause them to be shut down

And that’s without getting into the specifics of this paragraph. Because you can use anyone’s trademark descriptively (ie to “refer to”) and you can use anyone’s copyright for Fair Use purposes, which includes education, news reporting and transformative works(aka most if not all noncommercial fanworks). 

  • People who post such media can and will be fined, with a maximum sentence of five years in prison. This includes, but is not limited to, people who own/post the following: fanfiction, fan art, roleplay blogs, fan blogs/accounts and movie streaming sites.

NO. There is NO PROPOSED LEGISLATION currently before either the House or the Senate that says this (as of March 13, 2014). Nothing. 

Now, this doesn’t mean it’s legal to make copies of other people’s films or tv shows or music and upload them or stream them- that’s already illegal under the Copyright Act and the penalties are harsh and in many cases out of line with any possible damage that could be caused by the infringement (look to Aron Swartz). 

But that law does not apply to transformative works. Types of transformative works are - you guessed it! - fanfiction, fan art, roleplay blogs and fan blogs/accounts. Check out the Organization for Transformative Works’ website, Legal Page and FAQ for more analysis and explanation of transformative works. 

But as we said above, movie streaming sites? Those are probably infringing, and if you want to be careful around the Copyright Act, don’t share on publicly accessible streams. 

The top of the petition we linked to above says “In this case, all fanart will be deleted, all fan-pages, fanfics, fan made videos, etc.” Now you know, that’s not true. 

So, what does all this mean? 

  1. Doug Adams said it well in the 1970s. DON’T PANIC. If the time comes for us to panic, the brilliant people at the OTW and the EFF and Google and the paranoid people at Anonymous will tell us to panic. 
  2. PLEASE don’t reblog rumors unless you’re reblogging them to link to a post that explains why the rumor is unfounded (like this one).
  3. If you see a post shouting that SOPA is back or copyright terms are being extended another 100 years (or, frankly, even 10) or ALL THE WEBSITES YOU LOVE will be shut down, check with news.google.com or the nonprofit of your choice: EFF.org, TransformativeWorks.org, the Beekman Center at Harvard, or news sites like Wired, Rolling Stone or Mother Jones. We’re keeping an eye on it at fyeahcopyright.tumblr.com, too. Everyone is tracking this issue. 

It’s great to be an activist, but you’re wasting your time and your energy if you get distraught about something that isn’t actually happening. And our concern is, if people continue to whip up concern about fictional SOPA reboots every few months, if something actually does happen, people will ignore it because they’ll assume it’s just another round of nothing. 

Don’t let that happen! Check before you reblog anything that says creative content and the websites that host them will be banned, criminalized or destroyed. 

Chances are, they aren’t going to be. 


I’m not going to put this under a read more or anything like that. I’m just gonna write about my Dad as a way to let some feelings out.

 As a side note; If you don’t care to see someone grieve you can unfollow. I could not care less if you do.


I’m not sure why you had to go. We all knew someday you’d leave us, but we were thinking it’d be years from now. 10, 15, 20 years. A long time, and we were thinking we’d have some sort of sign or warning of it.

There was no sign, there was no warning. You just passed away when the previous day, hours before, minutes before, you were fine. I talked to you Friday. You knew I was worried about school, and I wasnt sure what to do about the class I’m struggling so much with. You just said it was college, have fun, and by Sunday morning I’d know.

Yesterday morning I kept getting knocks on my door. I thought it was just house keeping, so I was ignoring it. They started to come in, so I got up. There was a police officer there and a park ranger. I knew then something was wrong. So I turned my phone on and called mom.
 They said you died.

The park ranger there took me home. It was the worst day of my life. I have so many regrets. I wish I’d been home, I wish I’d called more. I still can’t really believe it. You were fine. What happened? Why was it you? You’re the most amazing person. Father, husband, worker, everything. I wouldn’t trade the time I had with you for anything in the world. You were so loved, and still are. I went to see you in the hospital, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. At first I didn’t think it was you. But Mom and I got closer and yeah, it was you. It was my dad laying there. I touched you, rubbed your head like you always used to do to me, and kissed you. You were so cold. I love you so much, we love you so much.

Today Mom and I went to the funeral home. Right when we walked it we just saw urns on display. I don’t know how people can do that for a living. I know you’re gone, I saw you, I saw the urns, the caskets, we talked about what’s going to happen with the cremation. I still, deep down, think you’ll just walk in the door one day and be back. But you won’t be. I can never hug you again, kiss you, tell you I love you so much. And it’s not fair. You’re supposed to be there. When I get married, when I have kids, everything. But you won’t be. You were taken from us far too early. I don’t understand why.

I’ve been crying since yesterday, and I probably will keep crying until it starts to not hurt as much. I’ll always love you and miss you. We all are and will. I’m so glad you were my dad. So, so, so glad. I wouldn’t want anyone else. You’re the best, and there’s no one who can top you. We’re all trying to be strong, but it’s hard. You were our rock. I know you loved us more than anything else in this world. And we love you just as much. We’re gonna do our best through. I hope you’re watching out for us, like you always have. I love you so much Dad.

My dad passed away this morning.



or not bc i cant get off the loading screen

after 5 years i finished downloading eso

now i get to see how my laptop holds up to iT AND SPEND 25 YEARS MAKING A CHARACTER

im trying really hard in this class but it’s going so badly i’ll be happy if i just pass it i swear. i studied a lot for this quiz and still got a 60 idk anymore

link u piece of shit u cant pull yourself up onto a ship top save zelda hero of time cant do a pull up